King's daughter

I am a diehard fan of Korean historical dramas ever since I watched Jewel in the palace (Dae Jang Geum) while I was volunteering in Ghana. I began watching the episodes on Sunday morning right after church and pretty soon I was scheduling my Sunday social events around the show. Then I moved back to Kenya and I found Painter of the wind airing on one of our local channels and pretty soon I was hooked on the drama too, before I could blink another channel began airing Yi San, Jumong and the Emperor of the sea and after that my love affair with Korean dramas or sageuks as they are known begun. I began searching for more  of these dramas over the internet and for a while there I forgot to watch TV as I caught up with the likes of Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Queen Seondeok. As I post this article I am pretty sure that I have lost track of the period drama/sageuks that I have watched religiously over the past few years. It is pretty ironic that I am so hooked on shows where I don’t understand the language but I have become pretty adept at reading subtitles and following the facial expressions of the actors as they go along. However I am very dependent on the subtitles provided by various sites in order to keep watching these dramas. I find that as a Kenyan who likes these dramas I am pretty much in the minority and I just sort of want to start these blog as a way to reach out to Kenyans who share a similar interest in Korean dramas