Korea before the split has a very rich and colourful history and this history has served as a very rich source of material for very many sageuk dramas. For those who may be reading this for the very first time may ask ,what is a sageuk drama? Very simply put this is a Korean historical drama drawn from that period of history way before the split into North and South Korea. Most of the historical dramas I have watched seem to centre specifically on two periods in Korean history these are the Proto–Three Kingdoms period that spanned the later Iron Age. The three kingdoms were Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. A lot of rich stories are depicted in the dramas with all the court intrigues, power struggles and inter kingdom wars that took place during that era. I have tried to compile a few screen shots of the eras just to give you a better understanding of the time period. Take particular note of the different costumes and jewelry for each era.
Below is a drama based on the history of Silla Queen Seon Deok

The drama Jumong, Prince of Legend is a fast action story about the first emperor of Goguryeo. A must watch with positively awesome martial arts
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King’s Daughter Su Baek Hyang is a great spy flick/melodrama about a princess who loses her position to an imposter.
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King's daughter

The three kingdoms era and the later three kingdoms era gave way to the Goryeo dynasty also a rich source of material for these Sageuks.
For all whom like the story with the bad ass girl who can kick ass Empress Chunchu will be a good place to start
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In 1392 Goryeo gave way to the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) the last and according to me probably the best source of material for these period dramas because this period seemed right up there with all the political drama and super ambitious villains fighting to control the throne and acquire ultimate power

Yi san below is a particularly well done drama drawn from the Joseon Era also a great must watch for beginners to the K Drama Sageuk craze
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Dae Jang Geum was my introduction to the Sageuk madness and I totally recommend it to anyone who has the patience to watch this show throw its 60+ episodes. I promise you it is worth the effort.
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The great thing about all these dramas is that they are not limited to a bland retelling some of these South Korean TV writers are very imaginative and retell the history in very different ways from the actual story. Sometimes they even do a fusion where the historical character travels to the modern world to right some wrongs or to wreck some havoc in some unsuspecting civilian’s life.
Queen Inhyun’s man is a great fusion sageuk
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These sageuks are really fun to watch if one is looking for a break from the usual American and Mexican TV shows that regularly flood the Kenyan screen on a daily basis.
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