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The Awesomeness of the First 47 Episodes of King’s Daughter, Su Baek Hyang

**Contains Limited SPOILERS**

UPDATE: For those who have reached the 70’s, to boost our broken hearts, I’ve created a tumblr page to lift out spirits of the good times!!
Jo Hyun Jae as Crown Prince Myung-Nong 
Seo Hyun Jin as Sol Nan/Su Baek Hyang 
Seo Woo as Sol-Hi / Soo Baek Hyang’s younger sister
Lee Jae Ryong as King Muryeong
Jun Tae Soo as Jin-Moo
Cha Hwa Yun as Instructor Do-Rim 
Kim Roe Ha as Ddol-Dae
Kim Min Kyo as Mang-Goo
Yoon Tae Young as Ku-Cheon
Character Introductions (pay attention, it can be really complicated)!

Crown Prince Myung-Nong is actually Prince Jin Moo who was the previous King, King Dongseong’s son who was 4 years old when he died of poisoning.
Sol-Nan is actually Su Baek Hyang, daughter of the current King, King Muryeong and…

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