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I am currently watching  the  South korean version of the Three musketeers and the Night Watchman’s journal. Both are fusion sageuks which means that they fuse story ideas from more modern time period with older periods in korean history. The three musketeers takes the tale by Alexandre Dumas to an asian perspective and it is amazingly well done. I was a bit skeptical about the concept but the adventure and comedy has turned me into a loyal follower with a huge crush on Crown Prince Sohyeon (Arthos equivalent).

Crown Prince Sohyeon. A real life tragic figure in korean history but a bad ass musketeer in the drama

The Three Musketeers will run for three seasons with twelve episodes per season and with one episode serving a week I get really frustrated while waiting for the next one to go up online.

The Ghosts that provide the humor in the show and much needed assistance for our hero prince Rin

Night Watchman’s journal is a fantasy fusion sageuk about ghost hunting that started out really well for me but the story line seems to be dragging which means it is losing a lot of viewers(as per the complaints on various blogs I visited) However I do like some of the characters like Prince Rin,a ghostbusting prince and a bad ass ghost hunting soldier who give the show it’s edge while some of the Ghosts provide the comedy.these characters are the ones who keep me watching the show

*Images are not mine but property of the networks that air the above mentioned shows.