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Blackmrembo takes on Japan


A local church has +heir van pick up any one who would like to attend service that begins at 10.30 am. I+ was a good day despite the translation going off for 95% of the service. At the entrance, you remove your shoes and put them on a shoe rack. You can then wear some indoor shoes provided. It happens a lot, even in restaurants. Hence the whole socks fad i believe. You cant have them torn, nor have stinky feet and shoes (u know yourself).

When you go upstairs into the white walled attic like service area, i marvel at the simplicity of the church. It has hanging lights spread in the ceiling, with delicate glass lampshades and soft yellowish brown tones. The flowers in Japan are also different from home. Well that will have to be a story for another day. The a++endance was graced by 120…

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