Happy New year to all who took the time to read my thoughts about Korean Sageuk dramas as well as the ones who took time to comment on some of my writing. And for those whose brilliant blogs I follow keep up the amazing work in 2015. Your ideas and thoughts have served as a very valuable guide in my viewing choices in 2014. A special mention to NKdramaddict and Zhaoul.

For the year 2015 I will be catching up on sageuks that I did not have time to watch due to lack of time.  Secret door and Face of the king are on my to watch list for this new year.

Father and son are suspicious of each other and engage in a power struggle
His face causes dad not to trust him much

My sincere hope is that these two Sageuks  will definitely be better than some of the dramas that were on offer this year. After watching Empress Ki, I could not find a drama that was on the same level in terms of story line. Joseon Gunman was a major disappointment for me,the story was just weak although as always Lee Jun Ki did not disappoint with his superb acting skills.


triangleJournals of a Night watchman  was also a major disappointment  in the  Fusion sageuk genre and I definitely could do with a better  choice of dramas this year. I also ventured into the world of the modern K drama  and on some level my viewing choices were not very successful. Triangle started out well but became a major headache as the story line lost focus somewhere along the way but just like in Joseon Gunman, I blame the script writers and not the actors themselves as they carried a weak story line in an amazing manner.

However there were some saving graces  within my dismal viewing choices on the sageuk front The Three Musketeers was just so superb and I can’t wait for the next installments in 2015.

the action scenes and the comedy in the three musketeers was superb

The Actors in this fusion sageuk were brilliant not even one of the cast members could be faulted for bad acting and Lee Jin Wook was just an incredibly sexy and take charge kind of Prince taking the show to a whole new level.

Sexy and totally in control of situations,my kind of man.

Bride of the century which was also another saving grace on my viewing menu with a lovely and romantic story line which was handled in a very realistic manner. The actress Yang Jin Sung took it to the next level by playing two very different people in a very convincing manner

botcAnd finally for mention is the modern fairy tale in the form of Birth of a Beauty. So far it is an amazing comedy without a tiring story line and it should end in early 2015 but I definitely would recommend it for light viewing when you just wish to laze around and laugh.

Nice housewife  undergoes a transformation and wrecks havoc on ex-husband’s existence

In conclusion the viewing in the K drama planet was a mixed bag with several disappointments in terms of story lines but good actors were able to carry the lame story lines for the better part of the year. Well let us raise our glasses to 2015 and the hope of some amazing K dramas to come. please do share your thoughts about your worst and best K dramas of 2014 with me.