Lately I have  not been consistent with my viewing when it comes to Kdramas.I took a break from sageuks,as soon as Shine or Go Crazy  and Maids came to and end but I am back now so let us get back into all things Sageuk and maybe one not so sageuk mention along the way.

king so
Our hero became King,he did not get the girl what a mess!
wang shik hair
The resident villain of Shine or Go Crazy had a bad hair day,usually a sign of defeat in a sageuk.
Eun Ki jerk
Maids had a relatively fair conclusion.I would have loved a more fairy tale ending but if most of your favourite characters are still standing at the end of a sageuk, you cannot complain much.

Another reason I took a detour from sageuks was this lovely modern Kdrama titled Heard It Through The Grapevine. I rarely seek out modern Kdramas but this show has been exceptional.The story-line is amazing and well thought out and each actor suits their role perfectly.This  drama is a must watch for any real Kdrama addict

A must watch for the Kdrama addict,you will love and hate the characters in this show with equal intensity.

There are two sageuks that I intend to get down and watch with commitment once HTTG has concluded, these are Hwajung and Jingbirok. However I cannot say that I  enjoy watching King Gwanghaegun being painted as a villain.He is one of my favourite Joseon era kings,I admire the way he stayed and fought for his people when he could have just fled the capital with his father. Jingbirok  is less fast paced than Hwajung but I do enjoy the historical narrative,which I understand is historically accurate.

I do not love the way Gwanghaegun is portrayed in Hwajung so far. He was such a hero in the sageuk King’s Face
So far this show appears to be an intriguing case study of how politicians can place a country in peril in the name of self preservation