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A Touch of Drama

So, it has finally time to say ‘good bye’ to the wonderful characters of Grapevine. I have no complaints about how the story was wrapped up and frankly don’t quite understand some of the grumbling I’ve seen around the internets. Some viewers seem to be disapointed that the ending was unrealistic but I believe they are missing the point. Grapevine was never ment to be a realistic depiction of the life of either the uber rich, or the poor(er) in Korea. It’s not a documentary nor a slice-of-life drama. There are parts that feel like they are imitating real life but if you step back and look at the drama as a whole, you’ll see that it is basically social commentary wrapped in an entertaining story. The writer clearly had things to say about some aspects of contemporary Korea and in my part I throughly enjoyed the end result. It…

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