Jing Bi Rok or the book of corrections is a perfect historical that records a comedy of errors, human greed, pride and how deadly it is for any country to find itself in the hands of incompetent rulers. It does not matter if it is a joseon era kingdom or a modern day republic,a bad ruler is a bad ruler and in the most extreme of situations they will ruin an entire country.

The King is a fool who is too easily manipulated by his power hungry concubine and scheming Prime minister

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Jing Bi Rok is  narrated from the perspective of left state councilor Ryu Su Ryeong unfolds a horrific tale of an incompetent king who prefers his comfort over the well-being of his subjects. He leads equally self-serving politicians who constantly tell him what he needs to hear while they retain their access to power.

It is better to listen to the quiet words of a wise man than the shouted praises of a council of fools

This drama tells the common tales of factionalism and power struggles which lead to famine and poverty for the citizens of Joseon and of course as usual the Yang ban are right in the thick of it sponsoring the misery of their citizens at every opportunity. Jing bi Rok could come across as very slow due to the historical accuracy that the producers struggled to maintain and those who prefer faster paced dramas may not like it much.

However the actor who plays the historical villain brings a maniac energy that wakes up the entire drama the moment he and his minions have some screen time. This actor Kim Kyu Cheol who plays a crazy Japanese warlord bent on world domination or at least a good part of south east Asia  makes Jang Hyuk seem positively calm ,just almost!

the actor who plays Toyotomi Hideyoshi brings a mad energy to the screen that helps wake the viewer up as he shares his crazy ambitions.

Overall this is not a bad drama but I just wish the subs were coming in a little faster.Personally I consider this Sageuk a little better than Hwajung which I dropped a while back and I would love to watch it to the end.