This show has been a roller coaster of emotions constantly causing me to turn against my favourite characters and then returning to side with them once again. Yooh Ah In and Kim Myung In managed to bring to life characters that I never really gave much thought as a non-Korean.As a result I will be reading up a lot  more about Jung do Jeon/Sambong and Lee Bang Won/King Taejo. They are both complicated characters and  any actor who can manage to portray them both in a believable manner at  their most humane and at their most ruthless is amazing indeed.

The supporting cast were also quite amazing and they all brought life to fictional and historical characters in quite an interesting way. The writers of this Drama quite outdid themselves taking an already known history and rewriting it in a way that kept the viewer hooked on each episode with the dedication of a brainwashed cult member. Characters like Moo Hyul (Yoon Gyun Saan) and Lee Bang Ji (Byun Yo Han)  were so well portrayed that it had many of us wishing that they were actually real life historical figures.

For all fifty episodes of the six flying dragons, my love for the two characters was equal and unwavering ,from the young sociopath  Lee bang Won to the mischievous but focused  Jung do Jeon. The two characters were both compelling and charismatic and made an amazing team taking the viewer through the twists and turns of establishing the Joseon Empire. As they achieve their goals together, the viewer gets to watch a beautiful teacher -student relationship deteriorate into a bitter rivalry filled with ingratitude, betrayal, tactical mistakes and several ideological differences that honestly could have been worked out differently from my view on the couch.

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It also helped that the visuals for this show were quite stunning and the fight scenes especially those involving Lee Bang Ji were so elegantly choreographed as to seem more like a beautiful, breath-taking but deadly dance rather than an actual sword fight.

I would recommend watching  Six Flying Dragons to anyone as it has everything, a good script ,great actors ,amazing visuals and a more than satisfactory ending. I also forgot to mention that this is a prequel to the drama Tree With Deep Roots although tree came much earlier but it is worth it to watch tree in order to have  better clarity  about some characters and events.

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Six Flying Dragons: Episode 50 (Final)