I took a detour from watching this epic historical to catch up with  the Six Flying Dragons and it is only last week  that I finally got around to finish watching the  final episodes. The episodes from 43-50  focused on the last leg of the war and the political maneuvering going in the court to land on the right side of things when the war ends. In other words, how to apportion blame in a way that makes the cowardly king come up smelling of roses.

It never does go well for nice people in Joseon
Do all the work and get all the blame for things going wrong in the first place

Poor Councillor Ryu Seong Reong winds up with the short end of the stick and gets blamed for everything despite his efforts during the war. Admiral Yi Sun Shin winds up in the torture chair and then still gets to fight for a king who is jealous of him. These final episodes made me believe that the appropriate soundtrack  would have been Meghan Trainor’s “your lips a are moving” and that twenty fifteen vine “why you always lying?The king especially seems to care about his position and reputation so much that he will lie and scheme around everyone in order to get his way. For a coward he is actually pretty smart but I guess there is no rule book that says cowards are stupid.


The nobles are liars, when it comes to protecting their property, they will do and say what they have to, in order to avoid taxes and  get the poor overburdened masses to foot the bills.

if people were roaches
Goes to jail and returns to joseon to do the same thing he was jailed for


Orchestrated the almost perfect diplomatic International con

The Japanese are liars and they do a pretty good job with Konishi overseeing the process from his end.Ming is also packed with liars who go to jail and return to torture the Koreans in a bid to end the war as fast as possible. It was also pretty hilarious watching General Kato try his hand at diplomacy and lies ,it really was an epic fail, considering his bull in a china shop approach.

always lyingForked kato

However the last episode did end on a hopeful note with some ministers and even a scheming concubine being honest enough to acknowledge the contributions of the Councillor and the Admiral during the Imjin War. Like I said in my earlier review this is a sageuk that is totally worth the time it takes to watch all 50 episodes. The actors are good,the script is well handled thus saving the show from turning into a boring history lesson. Instead it a festival of action and political intrigue that makes for good sageuk viewing.