I haven’t been able to post anything lately because I think I took on too much in terms of the Kdramas I am trying to keep up with. I have still been on my journey back in time and I wound up watching Protect The Boss (2011) and You From Another Star/My Love From The star (2013),both very good modern Kdramas in  my humble uninitiated opinion. I will take time to post a list of the modern Kdramas I have watched and rank them according to preference as soon as possible.

A light hearted romantic comedy that will keep you engrossed
The show has a great premise with the kind of ending that leaves you baying for the director’s blood

Protect the boss and My love from the star are two engaging shows which do rely on some tropes but the characters are so well written and engaging, it is hard to just let go of them and once I begun watching them I had to do so to the end.

I am also currently watching Cinderella and the Four Knights and ye gods of sageuk forgive me but I prefer  this show to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds which is an actual ratings monster with lots of rave reviews. Moonlight drawn by clouds is very cute and everything but I think I am a bit jaded by the boy is really  girl trope and I just want a rest from it,how many ways can I count the shows that have used that particular plot device? Both shows are very fluffy  and more suited to twelve year old girls than someone my age but there are so  many cute moments that one can hardly resist. Park So Dam who plays the lead in Cinderella and the four Knights is just so perky and persistent,that I keep watching the show waiting for that moment when she gets to win. Both shows do not require one to think too hard,so they are great for the viewer who just wishes to unwind.

Cute romantic tale of a feisty heroine and the four knights she rescues.
A feisty fusion sageuk that will keep you grinning from ear to ear with well written characters.

I had to put Jang Yeong sil on the back burner in order to keep up with Lee Jun Ki’s  Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart ,No offense to you Song II Gook you are cute too but LJK is just divine, no other man can occupy his throne while he still moves through the land of sageuk. However fan girliness aside,Scarlet Heart  got off to a shaky start but begun to find its footing at around episode 8. The time travel story line is quite engaging and  thanks to LJK’s acting I find myself rooting for the future resident psycho  quite actively. Maybe him and Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons) should  get together and do a movie about two psycho killer brothers who go an a rampage,they would do it quite well and create a fan base while being all murderous and such .

Classic Sageuk format with a good story-line and a well written format without taking too much creative licence to history

Jang Yeong Sil is played out in the classic sageuk format that we have all come to know and love but that does not stop the story from being engaging. However it is not for the fainthearted as you do definitely need to be engaged with the characters and the scientific bent of the show in order to keep up.The usual level of political intrigue that is par for the course for any self respecting classic sageuk is also thrown into the mix. All these elements make for good viewing on a quiet weekend or a quiet evening at home while eating dinner.

Lots of pretty boys but Lee Jun Ki is the prettiest and also a very good actor he drags you into the plot with him.

Scarlet Heart went off to a shaky start but I feel like all the actors by sheer strength of will brought this fusion sageuk back from the brink. This show is an adaptation from a Chinese web novel  Bu Bu Jing Xin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bu_Bu_Jing_Xin)  and I think a lot of mistakes might have been made while trying to adapt it to a Korean setting. However,the story is finally finding a rhythm and the pacing is getting better as time goes by. I would definitely recommend this as a good show to watch. Shout out to AidaZen,I hope you have begun to watch this show, so many swoon worthy LJK moments to keep you entertained .

So far I am satisfied with the Kdrama choices I have made this quarter both from my journeys back in time and those that I am watching in the present. I have lots more material I am working on so watch keep watching this space for all things sageuk and a little extra as I venture into the world of the Modern Kdrama.