For me this show started out really well  and I found it entertaining despite all the criticism it received.The accusations involved anything from bad directing to bad editing and bad story telling. From an objective viewpoint it did leave a lot to be desired when it came to all the above elements and the female protagonist  is not exactly smart which did not help matters. Her wide eyed stupidity has been hard to take over the course of the episodes,this is not the actresses fault as far as I can tell.It just seems as if the narrative has been written without factoring in things like logic,flow and the possibility of character growth.

The Heroine’s rather obvious lack of critical thinking skills has made it hard to invest in her as a character.

The true failure for this show to be a real success lies in the writing which failed to produce logical and cohesive characters whose motives the viewer can understand or even accept.The few characters that made sense have had their roles downgraded to seem like mere cameos (Prince Wook)

One of the few characters who would have made a competent villain was reduced to a brooding mess who made no visible contribution to the show at the most crucial points

On the other hand those who made no visible contribution to the narrative except their deaths and their role as onlookers received more screen time.

His demise was the only thing significant even if he was an endearing guy to watch
He seemed to serve as chief onlooker as well as judge and jury over the lead protagonist. His presence in the story makes no sense

To be honest the real reason I have kept up with this drama was loyalty to Lee Jun Ki, whose acting has not failed to live up to his reputation.I also held on to hope that each subsequent episode would get better,however episode sixteen and seventeen have readily proved it is possible to  hit  rock bottom and keep on digging. Important moments that the viewer should see in order to understand the story progression take place off screen rather than on screen.

When did this two fall in love? This  was an important plot point as this love made one of them to be willing to kill and betray. It would have helped if that romance did not seem so random

For example,in one episode the show introduces a romantic involvement which influences major events but how this attachments were formed remains unexplained.  I do hope the last three episodes can redeem this show but at this point I will not hold my breath.

Their attachment was sweet to watch and any show that brings the breathtaking Lee Jun Ki to my screen can be forgiven many many sins.

All complaints aside there have been some really great moments with this show but they could have done better. There are rumuors of a sequel but if it is with the same director and writer they had better forget about it. Lee Jun Ki’s talent deserves a better showcase than the sub par writing and production that Moon Lovers had to offer.