Happy New Year to all my fellow sageuk fanatics. I hope  your 2016 viewing has been as exciting as mine has been. Sageuk land has been a mixed bag for me in  2016. Some dramas were awesome and others were  well…..interesting.lee-jun-ki-mask

Moon Lovers was a mixed bag, I loved some elements of the drama but hated the absolutely confused writing. This was a story with so much potential but it failed to deliver in a totally satisfactory manner due to poor writing and directing. However the drama had great actors who worked with what they were given and this was what kept me watching.

Conclusion: I would not re-watch this sageuk again in a hurry,neither would it be on any of my top ten to watch list.


Moonlight drawn by clouds was a ratings monster and a big hit with the international fan base. I loved this drama and I would watch it again on a quiet weekend. It was cute fluffy and romantic more a teenage girls dream than preferred viewing for someone my age,but good Tv is good TV 🙂

Conclusion: I would definitely recommend this to anyone especially a beginner to the fusion sageuk genre,it was a treasure this drama.


Jang Yeong Shil is that sageuk  shot in the classic mold that we sageuk fans have come to know and love. It is a well presented mostly accurate historical presentation of a great man in the history of Joseon now Korea. Great Sageuk veterans appear in this drama and the depictions of historical characters are well done presented but truthfully they are all rather forgettable. No one actor stands out in their portrayal of a character which is sad because character portrayal is what sells a sageuk as a timeless classic in my Forgettable character equals forgettable sageuk.

Conclusion: Recommended watch for anyone who wants to learn the history of Korea otherwise in entertainment value you really miss nothing.

UntitlJackpot feature image

Jackpot was a frustrating sageuk which I watched till the end whilst bitching all the way about many things. There was a frustrating heroine whose role in the sageuk was so vague the writers ended up killing her off in some form of pointless sacrifice. The hero was tortured so many times in some sadistic attempt to prove his immortality,the resident villain had confusing motivations and seemed omnipotent which made for frustrating viewing. However strong actors like Choi Min Soo among others brought this mess back from the brink and I do not regret sticking with it.

Conclusion: Watch it with a huge tankard of beer at your disposal or any alcohol for that matter because this show requires that you suspend belief and logic in order to get to the end.


Mirror of the Witch, was one of my absolute favourites for 2016, there was not a step wrong taken with this Sageuk. The plot was great,the actors were amazing and the directing was great. This fantasy  sageuk kept me loyal to the point I could watch without subtitles in order to get my fix.

Conclusion: If I had awards to give this drama would definitely be a top recipient, definitely a must watch for anyone who loves fantasy and period dramas. Also a great intro to the sageuk universe.


Flower in Prison,I am not done watching this drama due to the length I dropped it but i do intend to return to it  at the earliest possible convenience. However so far so good.

Conclusion: To be determined sometime in 2017,but so far good reviews from other sageuk fans


Merchant Gaekju ,this sageuk had one foot in 2015 and the other foot in 2016. By virtue of the fact that it ended around February 2016,I believe it qualifies for the 2016 review slot. I watched this solely because of Jang Hyuk and I was not disappointed he just brings his special brand of energy to every show he headlines.Oh yeah! The story was also great with plenty of conflict and moral dilemmas to keep you the viewer entertained.

Conclusion: A must watch Jang Hyuk never fails to entertain


Six Flying Dragons is another drama with one foot in 2015 and the other foot in 2016. This drama is awesome,i would watch it again and again. Yooh Ah in slayed it as the pwoer hungry conflicted future King Taejong. Kim Myun Ming,Shin Se Kyung and the rest of the cast could hardly be described as chopped liver either they were all so awesome. This was  the best sageuk this year in my humble opinion.


Conclusion: I would watch all fifty episodes again and then start again. This is a definite must watch for any sageuk fan.


Hwarang the beginning,I have not began to watch this fusion sageuk. I find the premise exciting because I loved the Hwarang cuties in the epic Queen Seon Deok,but really I am iffy about a show with so many characters. It rarely works out well as Scarlet heart ryeo has proved with it’s too many to count princes.

Conclusion: No definite opinion until i get to watching but I am looking forward to good things.

All being said and done 2016 has been a better year for sageuk than 2015 was. I am looking forward to what 2017 has to offer wth the hope that the Kdrama gods can only build up from a good year to a fantastic run in 2017.